A man once died for me.

His name is Jesus of Nazareth.

He is Lord of all and the love of my life.

This is not a tragic story I promise.

It is a story of victory and intimacy.


He carried me from the gutters of darkness lifeless.

I was covered in stink I had grown accustomed to and come to like.

My Lord fought for me.

He got into the filth and lifted me to a place of light.

A place where I could see Him.


In His eyes I saw who I am. 

A son to whom all belongs to, 

a weapon of mass destruction to the kingdom of darkness, 

a light of the world that cannot be hidden and salt as preservation to the earth.


This is a beautiful story of lovers.

A story of Father and son.

A story of bride and Groom. 

See, I told you it’s not tragic.



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