There is a universal call to love others regardless of ones background and belief it’s something that we can all agree on.


However, as imperfect humans on the receiving end of unconditional love from God, we find ourselves in situations, scenarios and seasons where loving others feels easier said than done.


With that being said, today we wanted to provide some journal prompts to take some time to reposition our hearts to love others well, and be light to others as we journey through life


1. Is there anything in my heart or my current situation that is affecting my ability to love others well?


2. Is there anyone in my life that I need to forgive? How can I extend grace and forgiveness to them?


3. Is there anyone in your life who you’re finding challenging to love? What steps can you take to show them love and understanding, even if it’s difficult?


4. Is there anyone in your community who may be marginalised or overlooked? How can you show them love and support to make them feel seen and valued?


5. How can I incorporate more acts of love and generosity in my daily interactions?


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