With a new year often comes an abundance of goals that we set for ourselves to achieve.


Whilst goals are important and necessary I’ve found that they can often be  short-lived, feel unattainable, and/or be anxiety provoking when fixated on. It’s also not uncommon that once we’ve achieved “said goal” the accompanying happiness dissipates and we’re soon after the “next best thing”. Hands up if you’re guilty!


The journey being more important than the destination is a cliché saying that we’ve all heard a thousand times over, but let’s just pause look into it a little bit more for a few moments.


What if you focused on your personal growth over material goals?


What if you had your goals, but kept your focus primarily on the inner and practical changes required to help you get there. Choose growth over goals and remember to choose your own trajectory for any goals that you do have - if it’s not over the course of 12 months, that’s OK.


With all the above being said, let’s get to the heart behind this blog post…


Have you left room for God amongst all your goal setting and vision boarding?


Are you open to God’s will for your life taking over any of the goals you’ve set?


(I’m aware that this may not make sense to any non-christians reading this, but if you are stay with me)


One of my favourite verses at the moment is James 4:13-15


As I’ve said before, goals aren’t necessarily a bad thing. But there’s no need to cling onto them so tight. Give them to God, put in the personal and practical work, then rest trusting that God has the final say…and be ok with the fact that some of those goals might not actually be what’s best for you…




Chloé Jessica


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